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My name is Phoebe! I am an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. 

I was born in China and spent my childhood between Vancouver and China.

I ​graduated with a BFD  in illustration at OCADU in Toronto.

Welcome to my website, I'm always looking forward to new projects and creative opportunities, so feel free to contact me at

生于中国天津,童年在在中国与温哥华之间度过。毕业于安大略艺术与设计学院插画系,现居多伦多的自由插画师,多幅作品入围American Illustration(AIAP)与美国3x3插画大赛。​合作欢迎联系


- 2022 American Illustration CHOSEN Winner

- 3X3 International Illustration Show No.19 Merit

- OCADU Will Davies Scholarship 

-2024 Communication Arts Shortlist 

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